Experience Bicol – a welcome post
Ligñon Hill Nature Park

Jesus Christ’s Statue in Albay Church


A statue of Jesus Christ at San Gregorio Magno Cathedral in Albay, Philippines

Solitary Perch


As this alar being isolates itself from the other avian creatures housed within the same cage, it then perched itself in solitude.

Legazpi Church Tower as seen from under a pergola


Legazpi Church Tower as seen from under a pergola.

Anti-abortion sculpture of Legazpi Church


An anti-abortion sculpture in front of Legazpi Parish Church in Bicol, Philippines.

the swing – Albay Park and Wildlife


It goes by the name Albay Park and Wildlife, a mini zoo and a playground. You can bike around, run and play tag, lie down the meadows and watch the skies, eat together with friends and family or have someone play with you on the swing a little...

an ostrich’s face – Albay Park and Wildlife


How hard can it be to photograph a whole, live and beautifully framed ostrich? What if we do it a little more macro? Target just the face to get those granny-colored hairs around its face. A bit on close-up to see what eyes it has. And... a little more intimate to show that this ostrich isn't just a bird but also a catalyst of some soul that unifies man and beasts under the one same Gaia.

some fountain statue to photograph – Albay Park and Wildlife


While a zoo, you aren't limited to taking photographs only of animals but moreover some landscapes, flora, and even sculptures which can be found all around the spot. Like this fountain sculpture, a good subject to photograph just within Albay Park and Wildlife.

Malayan Box Turtles (cuora amboinensis kamaroma) – Albay Park and Wildlife


The Albay Park and Wildlife houses over 450 animal species. Although the largest count of its roster would be avians with several eagle and owl genera, you also can find some mammals like horses, rabbits with the tiger as the largest and some reptiles just like these turtles.

Mag Tv na Oragon – an ABS-CBN Regional Network Group Weekend Tele-Magazine


Mag TV Na is a branding that covers the whole of the Philippines generic to ABS-CBN's Regional Network Groups (regional tv station branches). The addition of the word Oragon to the title Mag TV Na is an identifier precise to the Bicol Region.

Archdiocese of Caceres’ 1st Penafrancia Film Festival


The Archdiocese of Caceres in Camarines Sur together with the Pilgrim City Government of Naga hold the very first Penafrancia Film Festival! The contest is open to all professional and non-professional filmmakers with the theme centered to Marian devotion specifically with visual mentions of Our Lady of Penafrancia and showcasing the Catholic faith with emphasis of how the Bicolanos implement such belief in ways per diem.